The company Ramata Exim, set up in the year 1998 has as a main activity the import and marketing of products for hotels, restaurants and catering. Our product list covers o great part of the needs of a hotel or restaurant:

Table lamps
Table cloths
Hygienical products for food processing
Fuel paste for heating-up chafing dishes
Chafing dishes
Simple or custom printed napkins
Coasters and glass covers
Catering clingfilm of PVC or aluminium
Lemon wraps

Our company suppliers are well known producers, having a long tradition in their domanis, the quality of the offered products being recognised on an international level.
The constant grown of our company registered year after year is due mostly to the quality of the offered products. The enlargement of our product portfolio is made gradually in order to ensure our customers the necessary support: samples, prospects, stocks, description records of our products etc.
The opperational method and the well organised logistic system allow us to make fast deliveries in any quantities all around the country.

We are certain we can become your partner !